BGC Encoder used for Base cam Electronics controller

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BGC Encoder used for Base cam Electronics controller


The AS5048 is a magnetic Hall sensor system manufactured in a CMOS process. A lateral Hall sensor array is used to measure
the magnetic field components perpendicular to the surface of the chip. The AS5048 is uses self-calibration methods to
eliminate signal offset and sensitivity drifts.
The integrated Hall sensors are placed around the center of the device and deliver a voltage representation of the magnetic flux
Through Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital Signal-Processing (DSP) algorithms, the AS5048 provides
accurate high-resolution absolute angular position information. This is accomplished by a Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer
(CORDIC) calculates the angle and the magnitude of the Hall array signals.
The DSP is also used to provide digital information at the outputs that indicate movements of the magnet towards or away from
the device’s surface, in the z-axis.
A small diametrically magnetized (two-pole) standard magnet provides the angular position information. Depending on the
system requirements different magnet diameters are possible. Additional flexibility is given by the wide range of the magnetic
input range. The AS5048 can be combined with NeFeB, SmCo and alternative magnet materials e.g. hard ferrites. The AS5048
provides a 14-bit binary code representing the angular position of the magnet. The type of output is pre-programmed as SPI
version A or I2C version B. Simultaneously a PWM output signal is available in 12 bit format.
A simple programming of the zero position is possible over the interface. No additional programmer is needed. The AS5048
uses one time programmable (OTP) fuses for permanent programming of the user settings. The verification is possible over a
simple digital readout of the OTP content.
The 16 bit SPI Interface enables read / write access to the register blocks and is compatible to a standard micro controller
interface. The SPI is active as soon as CSn is pulled low. The AS5048A then reads the digital value on the MOSI(master out
slave in) input with every falling edge of CLK and writes on its MISO (master in slave out) output with the rising edge. After 16
clock cycles CSn has to be set back to a high status in order to reset some parts of the interface core.

Key Features & Benefits
· 360° contactless angle position sensor
· Standard SPI or high speed I²C interface and PWM
· Simple programmable zero position via SPI or I²C
· No programmer needed
· 14-bit full scale resolution
· Angle accuracy 0.05°after system linearization and
· Daisy chain capability
· Tolerant to air gap variations
magnetic field input range: 30mT – 70mT
· -40°C to +150°C ambient temperature range
· 3.3V / 5V compliant
· 14-pin TSSOP package (5×6.4mm)



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