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Mymobilemms.com UAS design and engineering , We design, and manufacture  DRONE UAS systems for GIS, Arial photography, photogrammetry software applications and  related systems. We ingratiate software systems for real world applications like map making, site surveys 3D imagining, UAS swarming. We offer custom HD FPV imagining solution or custom aircraft design and manufacture.

Mymobilemms.com use CNC carbon aluminum in or manufacture , if you can provide an CAD engineering drawing in DWG format we can produce a part in a couple of weeks in large quantity’s.  we are specialist in Carbon fiber,  large broshles motor design manufacture.

Mymobilemms.com also offer 3d FPV image tracking, spectrum imaging brush less gimbal and design, gimbal mounting options. Drone design manufacture process automation, testing and manufacture .Drone based computer learning software integration to human interface sensor integration.  integrating new technology to over come set obstacles of current used technology over come time and efficiency constraints.  Bespoke engineering DYI Hobby BGC support and sales

Mymobilemms.com is the developer platform for building hardware software solutions cooperatively to solve the worlds problems. If you have a world changing Idea we can help make your Idea a reality. Specialist in data communications, eCommerce, online payments and information security hardware software infrastructure solutions: Contact ceo@blackreaction.com.

Or current projects are :
News concentrator, Adult social media & Burlesque retail shop:
Military intelligence equipment retail:
UAS systems retail:
News concentrator:

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