Drone Ambulance

Drone ambulance is a conceptual transportation design by ArgoDesign for fastcodesign’s body week initiative. The brief was to come up with a re-designed something related with health care industry that would improve the service, this is how ArgoDesign imagines flying ambulances of the future. Every second is crucial in emergency situation, based on research, there are more than 1000 saveable lives are lost per year due to slow emergency response in nation’s biggest cities. This concept one-passenger drone can eliminate the problem in jammed urban environments, it can be there in the location fast to help the victim.

drone ambulance

This drone ambulance is modeled after a quad copter X8 with no pilot; point to point transport using simple controls launch, land implementing GPS and computer learning optics sensors. The design also implements emergency manual control, design is simple functional and designed to be autonomous so EMT can focus on loading injured and caring for patent.  This flying transportation can be dispatched to the emergency location with a single EMT or empty, practical and efficient. It is able to land on almost anywhere due to its compact size. Once the EMT stabilizes the patient, they can load the patient up, and send him/her back to the hospital for further treatment. this also has military applications for removing injured solders from the battle field. This design also combined fuel cell and battery technology for power sources composite body panels for a simple yet robust craft.  the cost for this around 400,000 to 500,000 dollars with an investment of about 2 million to develop the the craft & software.

drone ambulance

This craft in the fracture every hospital will operate a fleet for rapid transport, cheaper than helicopter !
drone ambulance

Practical consideration 8 70kw motors , 60-70 inch 3 blade carbon fiber props BY OR !

202/90 motors MP154120 70KW halbach array brushless motor 150hp this is preorder for OR new large scale brushless motor can be used for car or airplane Express shipping only by DHL Please contact before you order OEM’s welcome
For the 202/90 motors,
Number of pole: 40
Number of slot: 36
Weight: 7.8kg
Kv available: 27, 35, 45, 55kv
Voltage: different kv can stand different voltage: suggest 110-220V
Current: 500A
Motor sensor position: 120 degree
Torque: 99Nm maximum continual
Thrust: 99-150kg


drone ambulance

drone ambulance

ESC available  IS 45-50KW ESC MP154120 brushless motor 120V 500A!


a. Li-MH/Li-Po,Ne-Cd/Ne-mH,LiFe battery can be use.
b. Enables setting the voltage per cell for the point at which the
controller’s cut off circuitry engages.Li-MH/Li-Po from 2.0-3.6V,Ne-Cd/Ne-mH 0.4-1.0V,LiFe from2.2-2.8V
c. Reverse function. the delay time of reverse is adjustable
d. The power of the motor forward/ reverse can be set.
e. Automatically detection the throttle route or can be set a fixed number by manual operation.
f. Auto cut off the power within 3 seconds if no radio signs.
g. Timing setting may be adjusted (0°-30°) to suit the motor type
h. Reverse: On/Off.
i. Timing:0°,1°,2°,3°,4°……30°.
j. Frequency: 8KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz.
k. Acceleration: Soft / Medium / Hard.
l. Accumulator type:NiCd/NiMh,Li-Ion/Li-Pol,LiFe.


drone ambulance

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