CW-30 VOLT UAV 3kg payload 6 hour flight time RTK GPS Ground station with DLE GAS engine 4 electric motors

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CW-30 VOLT UAV 3kg payload 6 hour flight time RTK GPS Ground station with DLE GAS engine 4 electric motors


CW-30 document

20 days, 60 sorties, 1060 km, you need to know again Dapeng

Recently, my company Dapeng in more than 20 days time, flying over 60 sorties, high standards to complete the Guangdong power grid 1060 km transmission line inspection.


Standardize the operation

For UAV transmission line inspection, the Guangdong power grid in the management of very standardized and professional, all set the relevant inspection standards, technical specifications.

To ensure that the results can be produced to produce a perfect, my company team every day to get up early to take off and landing, strict operating requirements, to re-audit routes,

on-site security arrangements and so on. Aircraft flight, continuous real-time monitoring, data monitoring and so on. After the flight, check and check POS data.

Each flight will be repeated, our company will be a variety of security practices to repeat the action.


Fail to test

In the inspection line operation, the biggest test is the Guangdong changes in the weather. Head of the big sun, but under the golden light of the rain beads, his face was sweat did not dry on the rain shower.

“Sometimes the plane just fly out for a while, the thumb of the rain came, about 10 minutes, sometimes accompanied by strong wind.” Miles cloudless days, less than ten minutes to floated , July Guangdong, Sun rain is very common.

Can you deal with the storm? Dapeng gave a definite answer. In the vertical and horizontal team of small brother waiting, Dapeng safe back every time, the plane came back on the wing there is rain left after the evaporation of mud.

“Sun rain people caught by surprise, but there are strict, the standard operating norms and the performance of the aircraft itself to do protection, my heart is still spectrum.


You need to know the numbers

More than 20 days time, flying over 60 sorties, complete 1060 km transmission line inspection. What are the meanings of these numbers?

We take the Shaoguan area in Guangdong as an example.

Shaoguan belongs to the mountainous forest area, the terrain is more complex, and transmission lines are located in the alpine jungle, coupled with roads and other restrictions, the traditional artificial tour line per person per day can only check 8-10 power tower.

And the use of Dapeng UAV, the average of each sort can be patrol 120 tower base, the efficiency of the traditional manual inspection of more than 10 times. The Dapeng power line inspection service to more than 20 days to complete a inspector close to 2 years of work.

In this all for the Guangdong power grid service team, our company team data efficiency and the total number of takeoff and landing, ranked first.

Guangdong Power Grid on Dapeng stability, reliability, and technical service level to give a high recognition.

Forestry industry application scenario

Forest fire protection
Drug cultivation
Pirates of the cut
Forest fire prevention difficulties:

With the increase of forest construction area, forest fires have also become an important factor affecting the ecological environment construction. The emergence of forest fires seriously affected the safety of forest resources.

Difficulties in drug surveillance:

Illegal cultivation of drugs conceal strong, to determine the difficulty of drug cultivation area. Due to the dense forest vegetation, suspicious block is extremely hidden, to achieve dynamic inspection and fixed-point monitoring is very difficult.

Pirates of the hacking difficulties faced:

Forest piracy to rely on forestry personnel patrol cost is huge, low efficiency, can not play the purpose of effective regional inspection.

Current status of forestry industry:

Mostly using a helicopter and a fixed observation platform to monitor;
In areas where forestry is concentrated, the administrative system is similar to the reclamation system, with higher independence, the cost is half of the local and forestry departments, the funds are relatively tense;
At present the army quit the local business affairs.
At present the forestry industry inspection problems:

Some helicopter flight charges per hour according to the different tasks in the basic more than 20,000 yuan, the higher the cost;
High risk, especially in the fire over, due to air flow disorder, floating more, resulting in helicopter engine failure, often crash accident;
The current military out of local business affairs, resulting in greatly increased the cost of helicopter patrol.
The use of unmanned aerial vehicle inspection can solve the above problems:

UAV can be planned in advance inspection line, autonomous flight, automatically complete the inspection work, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs safe and secure;
UAV can carry double-light pod on the forest area for all-weather inspection and inspection;
UAV can carry the map to the scene for real-time monitoring, in the range of 30 km can be real-time transmission of images to the command center for the leadership of the command and commission a variety of work to provide a favorable basis.
Advantages of Dapeng UAV:

Vertical take off, do not need to find open flat site, do not need to use the ejection frame, simple operation, just click the mouse to take off;
Vertical landing, no need to parachute, the body, the task equipment without damage, low maintenance costs;
Automatic takeoff and landing, all operations, the use of low cost;
One station multi-machine control, Ucloud management, the background convenient real-time scheduling management;
Equipped with professional-grade camera, high-definition map, and thermal imager, to complete the image, video, thermal imaging collection, to complete the task.
Option 1: UAV with camera

Regional aerial photography
Flight height of 200-300 meters, using 1: 1000 map scale, Nikon 35mm fixed focus camera, shooting at the target, you can shoot the target area image for the decision-makers to provide the target area as a whole information.

Patrol time period is short
A single patrol section of 100 km distance, inspection time is short, can achieve a short period of time on the target area for multiple inspections, improve flight efficiency.

Remote area target inspection
Aerial photography can target remote areas such as drug cultivation, forest theft, animal poaching, forest fires, and unmanned aerial vehicles to provide information for decision makers.

Option 2: UAV equipped with double light pod + map transmission

Flight height of 100-200 meters, the target area and the surrounding area to capture images, and return to the ground base station to facilitate the implementation of the program decision makers.



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