Octocopter racer air craft, Light experimental electric air craft specs & parts

Octocopter racer air craft, Light experimental electric air craft specs & parts.
UW – all up weight including battery 90kg/198lb
Dimensions length 2845mm / width 2400mm / height 1030mm
Flight time (85kg/187lbs pilot weight) 15 minutes, no aerodynamic lift
Top speed level flight restricted to 102km/h 63mph
Max power output 8 motors 84kW (one person up to 200LB)
Motor type BLDC brushless out runner (17.5kw continuous, 35KW PM23850)(17.5kw continuous, 35KW PM15470)(12.5kw continuous, 25KW PM120100) (
ESC electronic sped controller recommend redundant setup ( BLHeli 8bit/32bit firmwear for multi copter (48V-120V @ 500amps) 60kw ESC ( or VESC 32bit firmwear special order (T-motor FLAME 300A 14S VESC) (
Flight computer redundancy Triple redundant IMU/gyro/accelerometer/compass
Chassis type All-aluminum 7020 safety cell with crumble zones, carbon fiber monocoque fuselages, Vectran/ Dacron/ Ceconite fabric covered aluminum space frame chassis aircraft.
Aircraft category Experimental ultralight in compliance with FAA Part 103
Battery type Swappable 52V li-ion (20700 Battery Sanyo-Panasonic) battery packs can be found here: (
battery sensor for flight controller integration ; customer can opt to make there own battery’s form large density cells. Most popular LifePO4 18650 but larger density cells are LifePO4 (26650A, 21700, 20700) ; building battery packs from cells like this is more economical option. Cell count minimum usually 432 cells x 2 = 864 cells 100ah @ 120V, minimum discharge rate 600amps, split in to 3 200amp blocks for current sensors each 3.7v cell need to be minimum 35amps. Flight controls Joystick/throttle lever/yaw pedals converted to PWM or CAN.
POWER EXTENTION available : Used to charge the battery while in flight customer can opt for smaller battery pack coupled with auxiliary power source; 3 possibility’s are available EFI gas generator (48V output 7.4kw )( or Hydrogen fuel cells special order (1800 Watt KIT with 12L tank Output range: 21-35V 27-45V 24.6-41V 27.6-46V)
the last power generator is using gas turbine engine can also supplement thrust as well as electrical power output can supply up to 400-kilowatt from turbo generator (PBS TJ100 jet engine, PBS TJ150 jet engine ) from honey well (HTS900, HGT1700, A350 XWB) usually special order item cost between 70k USD and up requires some lead time.
Props require between 30 inches & 74 inches motors tested with 40×12 carbon 2 & 3 blade prop (×12-Carbon-Fiber-Prop-CCW-Gas-Electric-New-Style) & (×12-Carbon-Fiber-Prop-CW-Gas-Electric-New-Style)
Safety features Complete propulsion redundancy, triple redundant flight computer, ballistic parachute, ballistic air bags, safety cell chassis, crumble zones, lidar aided obstacle and terrain avoidance, IntuVue RDR-84K Band Radar System 360-degree view, hands free hover and emergency hold functions, propeller guards, composite seat with harness.
autopilot integration battery monitoring ( 031: PC 2x 200A PDB with 400A main switch)



company’s are working on such craft like
airspeeder, Blackfly & jetsonaero.


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